Looking back, moving forward, keeping in touch, and most importantly, caring for each other
Our 41st Year
(Milwaukee Retired Police Association)
There’s nothing like being retired! Did you ever think that day would come? It seems like only yesterday you
were graduating from the Academy, getting your first assignment and thinking about how long you had to
work before you could “pull the pin.” Being a member of the Milwaukee Police Department was a big part of
your life and now you’ve started enjoying life after MPD and as time went on did you ever hear yourself say, “I
don’t miss the job but I sure do miss the people?”

The Milwaukee Retired Police Association (MRPA) began back in 1975 when a couple of cops decided to form
a group in order to keep in touch with each other after retirement, and last year we hit the 1,000-member
mark, a milestone of which we’re very proud. Now in 2016 we’re celebrating 41 years as an organization, and
if you haven’t become a member yet, this is the time to join us!

Membership in the MRPA is open to all MPD personnel who have retired or who have reached 25 years of
service and includes not only officers but members of MPD’s civilian staff as well as spouses of deceased MPD
members. We meet on the second Wednesday of the month except January, June through August and
December at the Todd Legion Post on 92nd and Beloit at 1PM and if you show up around 1030AM we can
guarantee a couple of sheepshead games will be ready to go. Our meetings are usually short and afterward we
might have musical entertainment, play bingo, or have guest speakers discussing a variety of topics such as
health & pension issues. We serve great food and FREE BEER at each gathering and we also give away some
interesting door prizes members bring called “white elephants”. These are items you have at home that you
don’t want and don’t need but which someone may find some use for and you would be surprised what turns
up as a door prize. We also give a lucky member each month $10 just for showing up and often have a 50-50
raffle. We also offer baseball caps, tee shirts, sweatshirts and jackets with our MRPA logo and as for events, we
have casino bus trips, theater trips, a March fish fry, the Police Picnic in July, an August golf outing, a fabulous
December Christmas party and we’re always on the lookout for new activities to add to the list. If you can’t
make these events, our MRPA website and our monthly newsletter, “The Call Box”, will keep you in touch with
your friends scattered all over the country and keep you informed of the latest news of importance to you as a
retiree of MPD.

What’s so special about being a member of the MRPA is first, the dues are only $5.00 a year and we think you’
ll agree that you get far more than you’d expect for your money. Secondly, many members toss in a donation
along with their dues, helping us to fund our events and activities and to defray the costs of running the
organization. Whether small or large, all donations are acknowledged and appreciated! To join, simply
download the application from our website, fill it out and mail it in!

With the age of retirement from MPD being younger than it was in the past you might think of the MRPA as
just a group of “old cops” but that’s not the case. Our members’ ages range from 42 to 98 and chances are if you
attend one of our monthly meetings you will know someone and pretty soon you’ll be exchanging “war
stories” and rekindling your MPD friendships.

We look forward to seeing you at a future MRPA meeting and more importantly, we look forward to having
you as a member!

Wray Young
MRPA President