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All the outstanding photos shown here were taken and submitted by MRPA Member/ Photographers  

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2023 Events

2023 Spring Fling Fish Fry
2023 Spring Fling Fish Fry
2023 APRIL MRPA Meeting
2023 March MRPA Meeting

Fuzz Fest 2023

Fuzz Fest-2023


2023 February MRPA Breakfast
2023 Pizza Fund Raiser- Officer Peter Jerving

2022 Events


2022 MRPA Christmas Dinner

2022 November Meeting


2022 MRPA Golf Outing


2022 Northwoods Banquet

2022 Spring Fling Fish Fry

2022 May MRPA Meeting

2022 April MRPA Meeting

2022 March MRPA Meeting

2022 Fuzz Fest

2021 Events

MRPA 2021 Christmas Dinner 

MRPA October 2021 Meeting

MRPA August 2021 Golf Outing

MRPA June 2021 Northwoods Luncheon- 20th Anniversary

MRPA April Spring Fling Fish Fry 2021

April 2021 Meeting

2020 Events

2020 MRPA Golf Outing

2020 MRPA Golf Outing – Candids

March 2020 Social


Fuzz Fest 2020


February 2020 Social

2019 Events

2019 Christmas Party

2019 Milwaukee Fire and Police Chili Cookoff


2019 Fall Casino Bus Trip


October 2019 Social


2019 MRPA Golf Outing Four Somes


2019 MRPA Golf Outing Ladies Gentlemen Start Your Carts


2019 MRPA Golf Outing – Awesome Fun Day


2019 MRPA Golf – Banquet


Charlie Berard Retirement Party


2019 Milwaukee Police Picnic


2919 Holdup Squad Golf Outing


2019 Northwoods Luncheon
2019 Northwoods Luncheon


May 2019 Social


2019 Spring Fling Fish Fry

Board Members of MRPA

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